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Principal's Message


(Wildly Important Goals)


Attendance - We will move from 96% in-seat attendance to 100% by June 2017.

Reading Fluency - 100% of our students will meet their grade level fluency goal by June of 2017.

Math - 100% of our students will reach 100% completion of ST Math by June 2017.* 


* In discussion

December Message

Dear Parents,

                  Happy Holidays!  As another year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on the many accomplishments of our students.  Students have served as emcees at various school events and co-facilitated parent workshops with teachers.  We have had students speak before business executives and news cameras about the importance of school partnerships.  Other Solano students spoke at an Open House for the State Historic Park on the importance of open spaces in the city.  Visitors to our school often remark on just how well spoken and how poised our students are.

                  In addition, our children have organized service projects to benefit the community and the world at large.  I am humbled by the selflessness and commitment our students demonstrate.  Our children, with your assistance, have provided food for the hungry during the holidays, made a donation to the Craniofacial Foundation, made blankets for the homeless, made greeting cards for members of the armed services, and purchased two flocks of chickens for families in Africa.  They didn’t do any of these things because they were told to or because they had to, they did it because they were compelled to.  These were their ideas and their projects.  All of these accomplishments are evidence of students and staff embracing our mission statement - Learn l Love l Lead.  We are keeping love at the center of all we do.

                  The next two weeks will pass by quickly and then we will have our winter break.  Three weeks is a long time for students to be away from the routine of school.  Please help your children to retain the skills they are developing, by having them read at least 20 minutes each day and then explain what they have read.  In addition, quiz your child on his/her math facts (simple addition, subtraction and multiplication) to keep his/her skills sharp. I appreciate your continued support and commitment to our students and school.  On behalf of the entire Solano staff, I extend our sincere wishes for a joyous holiday season.



                                                                                                                                                                  William Bertrand, Principal