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Principal's Message


(Wildly Important Goals)


Attendance - We will move from 97.1% in-seat attendance to 98% by June 2018.

Reading Fluency - All Solano Scholars will score benchmark on the DIBELS assessment by June 2018.

Math - All Solano Scholars will reach 100% completion of ST Math by  June 2018.



April Message

As we head into the final months of the school year, our third through sixth grade students and teachers are really focused on the upcoming CAASPP examinations.  We will begin this “high stakes” test on April 23rd and wrap it up on May 11th.  You can help your children to do well on the tests by making sure they get a good breakfast each morning and encouraging them to do their best on each segment of the test.  Perseverance is critical, so please encourage your child to keep on trying, even when the test becomes difficult.

            We are also gearing up for our annual leadership Day that will take place on May 24th.  Each year we invite members of the community to visit Solano to see our students in action.  The student-selected theme for this year’s Leadership Day is “Adventures in Leadership.”  Action teams are busy planning each aspect of the day; from the invitation, to the activities that guests will participate in.  I know our students will put together another awesome event.

            The habit of the month for April is Habit 7 – Sharpen the Saw.  Sharpening the saw means we are taking care of ourselves.  We think in terms of addressing our needs over four dimensions – physical, spiritual, mental, and social/emotional.  We all have busy lives and it’s important that we “exercise” all four dimensions of our nature on a regular basis to help us keep balanced.  Sharpening our saw is doing anything that will help us to renew our energy.  It might be a form of exercise, it might be reading a book, or it might be spending some time meditating.  So think about what would make you feel better and go sharpen your saw!