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PTA Position Statement in Support of Planned Construction

The Solano Avenue PTA strongly supports the Solano Avenue Elementary School Modernization
Project, as approved by the LAUSD Board of Education. The current plan restores the original
auditorium to its intended purpose, replaces portables with permanent classroom space, brings the
campus into alignment with modern facilities practices, and creates new playground space with special
consideration given to the distinct needs of children of different grade levels. We believe that the
academic achievement, well-being, and security of current and future Solano students will be greatly
enhanced under this plan, and our support of the plan is a reflection of our commitment to those
students. However, our membership has expressed serious concerns in at least two areas.

Included in the plan is a new pathway to accommodate the use of the pedestrian tunnel under the
northbound 110 freeway. We urge LAUSD to redouble its efforts to ensure the safety of the people who
will use this route. The plan is not yet explicit about design features that would provide the required
level of security along the proposed pathway, and in this regard, we believe it is inadequate. However,
we believe that the route itself, which would pass between the playground and the un-fenced staff
parking lot, represents the best available compromise between the needs of Solano students and staff
and those of the public.

LAUSD must also answer questions regarding the health risk to children who will be exposed to two
years of proximity to construction activity, with little or no access to dust free play space.

Parties acting in good faith, with the genuine objective of crafting consensus solutions to these
problems, should continue their efforts concurrently with the early phases of construction, which
should begin immediately. To that end, we urge the LAUSD to create an advisory committee of local
residents and PTA members charged with resolving these health and safety concerns for the project.

The Solano Avenue PTA is committed to a program of advocacy on behalf of the plan under the
authority of this statement, wherever the need should arise, and wherever such advocacy is consistent
with the PTA's broader mission as the voice of the students, parents, teachers, and staff that it



We now have a blog to which you can take a look at what's going on with the Solano Ave PTA.  It is still in it's beginning stages and thank you to Amanda Harris for getting it going.