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Title IX Complaint Managers

Report discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying to either of our Complaint Managers:

Shannon Garrison in room 11 -


Carolina Chavez in the Main Office -

Both Miss Garrison and Ms. Chavez can be reached at 323-223-4291. For additional information go to

Solano Avenue Elementary School

Solano Ave. School



Please join us for the first PTA MEETING of the school year !

Thursday , September 13th at 5pm in the auditorium. 


EVERYONE is Welcome.

Translation service will be available. 



Food will be available for purchase. ( one slice of pizza and drink for $5 )

*Proceeds help fund PTA programs & activities .


Thank You to First Chinese Baptist Church for donationg backpacks

Back-to-School Night

Please join us on Thursday, September 13th , 2018 at 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm for our annual Back-to-School night.

This is an opportunity for parents to :

  • meet your children's teachers  
  • learn about classroom expectations, curriculum
  • discover what to expect in the new grade level. 

There will also be food available for purchase ( One slice of pizza and drink for $5 )


We hope to see you there !

Annual Title I Meeting





Join us for our Annual Title I Meeting for parent's

When : September 18, 2018 

Where : Parent Center 

Time : 8 am 


Solano Students Participate in LA Dodgers' Jr. Broadcasting Program

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Welcome Back!


We hope you are enjoying your summer break.  The office is open.  Mindy Garcia, the School Administrative Assistant and William Bertrand, the principal, are back at work and will be happy to help you with enrollment issues.


School begins August 16th at 8:00 a.m.  Every Tuesday will be an early dismissal day, meaning that students will be dismissed at 1:23 p.m. on Tuesdays.  Every other day of the week students are dismissed at 2:23 p.m.


We will be having a kindergarten orientation for our TK and kindergarten students on August 10th at 9:00 a.m.  Parents and TK/kindergarten students are invited to attend to meet teachers, tour the classroom, and learn about English Learner program options.  Additionally, the incoming students will be given a short assessment to help give teachers a better understanding of what skills they need to work on.  


See you soon!

Solano Students Plant Fruit Trees

Students in Miss Bou's third grade class worked with Fallen Fruit to plant fruit trees in areas the public can access.  They planted a pomegranate, two apple, and one fig tree along the public pathway that runs behind the playground.  They also planted a grapevine inside the playground that will grow up the fence.  Fallen Fruit seeks to provide the public with free fruit.  Students will water and care for the plants and soon our neighbors will have fresh fruit to enjoy.

Solano is Recognized as one of ten schools closing the achievement gap!

Education Cities created the Education Equality Index which studied data from schools in the 100 largest U. S. cities.  In each city they identified up to 10 schools with small or nonexistent achievement gaps that serve a student population where the majority are from low-income families.  Nine of the 10 schools in Los Angeles were charter schools, with the lone traditional public school being Solano Avenue Elementary School!  Overall, California ranked number ten on the list of 34 states that qualified for the report.  Way to go Solano!

Planting Day

Students, parent volunteers, and community volunteers participated in a planting day at Solano Avenue Elementary School.  California native plants were provided, through a generous grant, by the Theodore Payne Foundation.  Lisa Novick of Theodore Payne explained the importance native plants play in human life as well as in bird, insect, and animal life.  By planting a native garden at Solano, we are helping our entire community.  Way to go Scholars!  To learn more about native plants and gardens, visit the Theodore Payne Foundation website at and to see examples of native plant gardens, visit  

District Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Greeting Solano Parents - Please be on the look out for the District Title I Parent Involvement Policy. LAUSD Title I Parent Involvement Policy English JPEG.jpg


"THANK YOU!" to Solano PTA for always making our teachers feel appreciated!


We're gearing up for the PTA membership drive.  Being a member of PTA is an easy way to get involved in your child's education.  Our PTA works hard to ensure that all classes have a bus for a field trip, that we have enrichment programs for our students like Dancing Classrooms LA, and they sponsor the annual Reflections arts contest.  In addition, PTA members help out with the various fun activities we schedule throughout the year such as the Halloween Parade, Spring Dance Festival, and Family Nights.


For more information check out the PTA website which can be accessed by selecting the PTA link on our home page and then selecting the link.  Thanks PTA for all you do!


100 Mile Club®

Have you noticed students, teachers, and staff , running and/or walking around the playground whenever they have a few extra minutes like during recess and lunch? Have you been wondering what these ...more

API Score

It's official, Solano's API (Academic Performance Index) score for 2012 remained at 922.  I am very pleased and proud of our students' and teachers' efforts.  While we continue to maintain a very high API, we did not meet all of the targets for our AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) and therefore will be placed on a Program Improvement watch list.  Specifically, our Hispanic or Latino subgroup was not able to reach the English Language Arts target, set by the state, of 78.4% of subgroup students scoring proficient or advanced on the CST.  My staff and I are reviewing data, discussing the implications, and strategizing ways in which we can address the issues we feel may have contributed to missing the goal.  I am happy to meet with anyone having questions about our score or our plan for improvement. Please feel free to contact me or schedule an appointment with the school secretary.

Solano Scholar
Today: 9/19/18
All Day: Unassigned Day-School Closed



School will be CLOSED on Wednesday , September 19th, 2018 .

Classes will resume on Thursday , September 20th .  





















At Solano we have a number of students with severe food allergies and others who do not celebrate birthdays due to religious edicts. We also face strict nutritional guidelines regarding food served at school. Please DO NOT bring food items to school to celebrate your child's birthday. We invite you to donate a book in your child's honor to his or her classroom library. On your child's birthday you may come to school and read the book to the class.